Rita Rudaini
(Television Personality)

Model: Wooden Frame

Setup: Plant + Coral

Size: 7 ft

The actor and model opted for the wooden frame as is best suited the rest of her interior decoration. As for the setup, Rita wanted the best of both and chose the plant setup with additional corals to complement the underwater feel that she was looking for.

Zara Zya
(Television Personality)

Model: Stainless Steel

Setup: Coral

Size: 7 ft

Even from the picture, you could tell that blue is Zara's favorite color. Zara requested white and blue corals to complement her blue furniture. The Stainless Steel aquarium balanced out the interior furnishing and complemented well with the embellishments on the furniture.

Datuk Aliff Syukri
(Cosmetic Entreprenuer)

Model: Premium Royal Gold Series (Rose Gold)

Setup: Coral

Size: Custom (L144cm x H80cm x W14cm

Datuk Aliff Syukri is all about grandiosity so when we got the opportunity to install our Seazone aquarium in his grand residence, we went all out for it. We specially ordered this rose gold colour as it complemented well with the interior.

Dato' Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Syukor
(Malaysia's First Astronaut)

Model: DIY Smart Series

Size: 2 ft

Dato' Sheikh Muszaphar gifted this cute table top aquarium to Bella for her 10th birthday. It is so simple to setup that even Tasha, Adam & Noah were all involved in the process.

Azrel Ismail
(Television Personality)

Model: Sparkle Black

Setup: Coral

Size: 5 ft

Azrel opted for Sparkle Black aquarium for his residence.

Azrel decided to place his aquarium in a very interesting place, intersection between 2 flight of stairs. What a creative way to enhance that specific area of his residence.