Terms and Conditions

- Image shown on the website, promotional content and social media are for illustration purpose only.

- Seazone will replace the fishes only if it is from us. The ecosystem isn't ideal for the fishes that are bought from the    pet shop. We strongly recommend our customers to only keep the fishes from Seazone as the health condition of      the fishes from the pet store is unknown.

- Customer to study the fishes before purchasing themselves as each fish will have its own natural conditions to            survive in the aquarium. Seazone will not be responsible for the health condition of the fishes bought by the                customers.

- Customers are not advised to purchase any fishes that can grow rapidly as the fishes will encounter other troubles      in the future.

- Usage of additional sands, stones, and pebbles besides the one given by Seazone is not advised. Customer to          bear the defect (Fishes could die due to water pollution).

- Modification/ alternation on any electrical/ aquarium component will affect the warranty and Seazone will not be        responsible for the defects. Warranty will not be taken into count if any of the technical parts (light, wires, filter)          have been changed or modified.

- Additional corals/ plants bought by the customer that affected the water conditions will be bared by the                      customers. Seazone will not be responsible for any of those defects cost by the plants/corals which been bought        out from Seazone Sdn Bhd.

- We won't be responsible if the fishes die due to overfeeding. Overfeeding can be detected by testing the Nitrate      level in the water and water change is required to ensure the next batch of fishes are healthy

- Should there be any damage or mishap from our side after installation or maintenance, please let us know   within  24 hours of the installation or maintenance. 

- The validity of the maintenance package is 18 months (1 year 6 months)

- We recommend our customers to only feed the fishes with Seazone's fish food. Seazone will not be responsible for    the condition of the fishes that have been fed other than the food we recommend.

- Seazone will not be responsible for the aquarium after the warranty period

   Warranty for Accessories - 1 year

   Warranty for Aquarium - 2 years

- For customers who have subscribed to the maintenance, we suggest the customers call us if the aquarium turns          dirty and algae formation can be seen. We will not be responsible if the customer calls in for maintenance only            when there is an emergency (fishes are dead, the aquarium is covered with algae).


- There is no warranty for the remote control that comes along with the aquarium