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No Water Change Aquarium



Best Aquarium Design

In Malaysia

  • Built-in filtration system & no piping needed

  • Built-in LED lighting system with remote control

  • Easy lift-up cover for the ease of feeding/access

Space-Saving Design


  • Specialized in wall mounted aquarium with 14 cm width only

  • See through aquarium available

  • Custom made aquarium available

Quality Glass


  • 100% Imported Product 

  • Made of premium tempered glass (between 8mm to 12mm)

  • Up to 5 years guarantee

Low Maintenance 


  • SEAZONE Bio-enzyme is used to create stable ecosystem

  • Biological & mechanical filtration is used to keep your aquarium water clean & clear all the time


Aquariums – inspiring underwater world

Bring nature into your home or office and enjoy marine life in sensational piece of wall decoration. Our innovative design and technology offer maximum convenience – easy installation and low maintenance. Aquariums are more than just decorations; it provides calm and relaxing environment; it can be therapeutic as it lowers blood pressure and  reduces stress.

Ideal for beginner

SEAZONE adds an impressive touch to any of your rooms such as offices or any houses.  It comes as - all in one complete set, which is so ideal and suitable for any beginner.

easy care pleasure

SEAZONE aquarium combines ecology and biological chain concept; create perfect water ecosystem. With minimal maintenance such as water top-up and feeding, you can have a clean aquarium with healthy, happy fish.

unique design

Unique design

SEAZONE designs are different from conventional aquariums.  The smart design gives them a modern aesthetic.  It gives you a natural environment in the smallest spaces as well as looking elegant in the process.

Our Clients

The Team

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We were established in 2014 and have completed over a thousand residential and commercial projects ever since. We are the leading provider of patented aquariums that blend the serenity of live, tropical fish with the sophistication and beauty of framed art. Our motive is to combine this development with a passion for interior design and nature.


Product Model


Wooden Frame

Size Available:

L155cm H48cm W14cm - RM 3,699

L185cm H48cm W14cm - RM 4,399

L205cm H48cm W14cm - RM 5,199

Attractive deep colored wood, darker timbers lend to an overall classy feel and it gives a natural warmness.

Stainless Steel Frame

Size Available:

L155cm H48cm W14cm - RM 3,899

L185cm H48cm W14cm - RM 4,599

L205cm H48cm W14cm - RM 5,399

Glitter silver embellishments frame has been used to create a sophisticated and stylish feel to any wall. It will be eye catching in any room in your home or office.

Crystal Black Frame

Size Available:

L125cm H48cm W14cm - RM 3,399

L155cm H48cm W14cm - RM 3,999

L185cm H48cm W14cm - RM 4,699

L205cm H48cm W14cm - RM 5,499

Discover the black that is universally believed to be flattering and easily enhancing your living space. It adds definition, a sleek sense of style.

Crystal White Frame

Size Available:

L125cm H48cm W14cm - RM 3,399

L155cm H48cm W14cm - RM 3,999

L185cm H48cm W14cm - RM 4,699

L205cm H48cm W14cm - RM 5,499

This beautifully dainty white design provides a calm and pleasant general atmosphere for any space.  It can evoke purity, cleanliness, but also confidence and sophistication.

Sparkle Black Frame

Size Available:

L155cm H48cm W14cm - RM 4,099

L185cm H48cm W14cm - RM 4,799

L205cm H48cm W14cm - RM 5,599

This dramatic combination of color has a contemporary feel.

This design will add a simple elegant statement to any home or room.

See Through

Size Available:

L125cm H48cm W14cm - RM 3,849

L155cm H48cm W14cm - RM 4,549

L185cm H48cm W14cm - RM 5,349

L205cm H55cm W14cm - RM 6,249

L155cm H48cm W25cm - RM 5,349

L205cm H55cm W25cm - RM 7,499

See through aquariums are designed to meet the specific demands of the clients whether it is for residential or commercial premises.

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